Meet the Writer

About me:

Hi there! I’m Nicole! I’m so glad to meet you- thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoy visiting our cozy cyber home. I’d love for you to drop in anytime!

With the birth of my second boy, I earned a promotion from classroom teacher to stay-at-home-homeschooling-mama. While it’s been a transition for sure, our little family has been blessed by God through it all. I’m so excited for this opportunity to meet new people, and hope that you’ll allow me to pass along the many blessings that I have received! I’d love for you to get to know my family and me a little better. Stop on by my personal Instagram to visit with my handsome, hardworking hubby: Manny; and my two sweet, little gentlemen: Christian and Isaac.

About Letters to my Boys:

Life is a vapor, and we’re not guaranteed tomorrow. I hope to be able to watch my boys become men, but I might not.

However, I can make sure that they will get the little tidbits of wisdom and advice that I’ve learned and tried to incorporate into our lives.

These letters are addressed to my boys because they are for my boys, from their mom. However, that doesn’t mean someone else can’t glean a thing or two from them.

I don’t want to pretend to be a parenting expert or super successful in any one of the categories you’ll find listed on this blog. In fact, I am still learning how to navigate most of these topics myself.

I do want to be able to pass along whatever I learn to my children, and to whomever else could use it. I love that I can provide a safe place to store the lessons I want to share with them.

I have been blessed by a perfect Bible, godly men and women to help me learn it and exemplify its teachings, and a wonderful family to grow with. Most of the letters that you’ll read in this blog come from words of wisdom and instruction that was shared with me by one of these men or women.

Thank you for stopping by!

Nicole Matute

(a.k.a. Mama)