Life Everlasting

Dear Readers,

If there was only one lesson I could be sure that my boys would learn, it would be this one. Please take the time to read all of the way through. It won’t take long, but your final decision on this will determine whether you have life everlasting or… not.

My Testimony:

I was once lost in sin, but Jesus Christ saved my soul and gave me a new life and life more abundant in Him. At 21 years old, I finally realized that there was never going to be anything that I could do to earn my way into Heaven. I understood that, as a sinner, God couldn’t allow me into His holy presence. I repented of trying to do things my own way and asked for the righteousness of Jesus Christ instead.

As one who is confident of where I will spend eternity, I have a burden, a need, a desire, and a commission to tell you that Jesus Christ is the only one who can give you a truly peaceful life on earth. He also is the only one who can give you everlasting life in heaven, but only if you obey His Word and put your trust in Him.

One of the reasons that God wrote the Holy Bible was so that we could know what would happen to us when we die. Having an assurance of everlasting life in heaven gives a peace that only God, our Creator, could give. You can be certain of your eternal destiny today!

The Bible tells us exactly how to be sure that we will enter into life everlasting one day!

The Bad News:

We have all sinned and come short of the Glory of God and of His holy standards (Romans 3:23).

God is perfect and Holy and cannot overlook our sins when we stand before Him on the day of judgement (Hebrews 9:27, Psalm 1:5).

We cannot undo the sins that we have committed with ANY good work, including church attendance, baptism, participating in a religion and/or its sacraments, etc. (Ephesians 2:8-9).

The Good News:

God loves us so much that He provided a way for us to be forgiven. Jesus Christ died on the cross to pay the penalty for your sins and mine (Romans 5:8).

You can be saved, and know it! Admit that you’re a sinner before God and place your faith and trust in the finished work of Jesus Christ. Once you do that, God will forgive your sins and will give you everlasting life (Romans 10:9-13).

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With love,

Nicole Matute