Hello there!

Our family has been in desperate need of a good photo shoot. The one you see of me and my boys… well, that’s 5 days post baby number 2, and while I absolutely adore it, it’s a bit outdated.

Isaac is now a completely different little boy, and Christian has grown up so much. They change so fast. Not to mention Manny and me. We’re 18 months older too. Can’t you tell? (Don’t really answer that… unless it’s nice, then go right ahead.)

Anyhoo, I scoured Pinterest for some decent poses we could use for our shoot, and came across the cutest idea to use a frame with the words, “This is our happily ever after” in it. Well, my family truly is a great big part of my happily ever after.

So, I hastily created a printable that isn’t nearly as cute as the ones I’m sharing with you today. But, I will be using these for a gallery wall to go along with our nice new photos.

My very good friend, Danielle took them for us. She’s quite the photographer- talented, patient, and just the right amount of bossy, not to mention fun.

Without further adieu- here are your printables.

Wood background

Chalkboard background