Dear boys,

I’m thankful for your daddy

Your daddy is a gift from God. I am so thankful that you have never known life without a strong family leader, a devoted husband to your mama, and a kind and loving father to you boys.

Our Heavenly Father intended for families to include an earthly father to lead, love, and care for his family- and a mother to guide and nurture and keep the home. I am so thankful that, up to this point, you boys can experience family life the way God intended it to be- and that is because of your daddy.

I’m not saying our family in anywhere near perfect. Trust me, we’ve got plenty to work on. But, we are so blessed beyond measure to have a strong man to lead us who loves us and truly has our best interests in his mind.

Let me tell you a little about your dad.

At 17 years old, your dad immigrated here from Ecuador. He knew no English, had no friends, and shared a small home with your uncles.

Within a few weeks he secured THREE jobs and worked as much as he possibly could (sometimes working 18-36 hours in a row) to pay off the debts incurred by his family to get him to this country and to start his adult life in a foreign land.

Before long, he moved across the country from California to Connecticut, and did whatever work he could find so as not to be a burden on anyone. Keep in mind that your daddy was still very young and had no one depending on him yet. He simply didn’t want others to have to be burdened by him.

He began to seek the truth about God around the same time. In Ecuador, the people are very sheltered from God’s word. While many families might have a version of the Bible at home, they don’t read it regularly and aren’t taught from it at the traditional Mass they attend each week. Upon arriving to the US, your dad was bombarded by every religion under the sun and was, no doubt, confused about which was true.

Before long, a man approached daddy at work- inviting him to attend the Kingdom Hall and learn more about “the Bible”. Dad quickly realized that a religion that would coerce its followers to keep written records of hours worked for God and attempted to control their personal life decisions (from facial hair to owning a television) couldn’t be the truth. Daddy left the Kingdom Hall and didn’t look back.

(I’ve always admired his ability to quickly discern the character and motivation of others. I also admire his willingness a patience to fully consider a matter and weigh all the costs before making a decision. He doesn’t make hasty calls unless necessary, but he always does what he believes is right and best for us- even when some of us *ahem…* might not like it.)

It might have been difficult for him to leave the friends and relationships he’d formed, but he knew it was a lie and wasn’t willing to compromise the (at that time) little revealed truth that he had about God’s character.

A few years later, your dad and I met.

It was at the most inconvenient time.

I was packed and ready to go to Mexico to live for four months or longer (if I got my way, which thankfully-I didn’t). We spoke for a while the day we met, said goodbye, and – in my mind- that was that.

Well, a few months later, while in Mexico, I received a message from your dad. He was checking on me 🙂 Anyway, I lost his number and didn’t think too much more about him. I was flattered that he went the extra mile to search me out (we didn’t exchange contact information the day we met), but I was too caught up in my activities abroad to care.

Somehow, after I returned home, we were able to get in touch. We began to see each other more regularly. He started coming to the church I attended and quickly realized the simplicity of the Gospel was the truth on how to have a relationship with God. Even after a lifetime of being manipulated by religion, he was still seeking the truth about God and his heart was open and ready for it.

Daddy asked Jesus to save him in July of 2008 and has been trying to love and serve his Savior ever since. Sometimes, it’s through an organized ministry with other Christians, but always, it’s through his genuine love and selfless dedication for his family.

Because of your dad, you have never known hardship- of any kind.

I’m not saying you never will, but- up until now, daddy thoroughly provides and cares for us so that you have never had to. Because he is willing to obey God and do what’s right, we have never truly known what it is to need.

Daddy always, always puts us first. He will work two full time jobs, if necessary. And he has- sometimes working for 36 hours in a row. He will come home from those crazy shifts and take the time to play and eat breakfast and love on us before collapsing. He does this all the time. I don’t think you have ever really known how exhausted he is. He doesn’t show it. He nurtures your love for God and regularly strives to love us in a Christ like way. Aside from the occasional, “I’m so tired” comment, he does all of this without complaint.

And so, for all of those reasons, I am thankful for your daddy. I’m constantly amazed at all that he does, and he does nothing for self-glory or gain. He wants to lead a simple and quiet life supporting his family and serving the Lord the best way he can.

Boys, you would do well to be like your daddy. I’m so thankful to be able to say that.

With love,