Thankful for my Bible

Dear Boys,

Thankfulness. It’s what should be on the tips of our tongues as we rise each morning and the sentiment of the last few words uttered before we fall into comfortable sleep. How easily we (or should I say I?) neglect to praise God by expressing our thankfulness towards Him.

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, it is so easy to get distracted in the hustle and bustle of preparing the menu, guest list, and shopping for the feast, all the while forgetting the “thankfulness” part of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is, by far, my favorite holiday. I love spending the whole day with family and friends, singing hymns, eating the deliciously prepared foods until I’m stuffed (and then some), and the late night Black Friday shopping.

But, it’s so so easy for me to let all of that distract me from what I really ought to be doing: expressing thankfulness to my God.

In a way, it’s sad that- even in preparation for the one day a year our society recognizes the need to be thankful- we get caught up in everything but that.

So, in an effort to battle the distraction and get my priorities back in line: I’d like to express my thankfulness for seven very important aspects of my life.

Number One: My Thankfulness for The Bible.

God’s word, written down in words so easy to understand a beginning reader could decipher them. Words that hold not only the hope of eternal life, but life more abundant. Words that teach us how to love and give and walk without soiling ourselves in this present-evil world. The Bible is proof beyond proof that God loves us and wants us to know Him and His will for our lives. Stop and consider this for a moment- God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth- of the sun and the stars- of you and me- took the time to write down what He wants us to know. It’s awe inspiring, humbling, and overwhelming.

Without this book of instructions, everything else in my life that I love and am thankful for wouldn’t be, no – couldn’t be – as sweet as it is.

If I didn’t have a clear set of instructions and godly men and women to help me understand and apply them, I am sure that I wouldn’t be able to appreciate all that God has blessed me with. I would take it for granted and let it go to waste.

As much as I don’t like to admit it- I know it’s the truth. Before I found a love for God’s written word, my life was completely different. Friendships were dispensable to me. I flung hurtful words around like those elephants that paint, not really caring about their effect.  Pleasing my flesh and temporal lusts was all that mattered to me. I had no interest in obeying or pleasing God, His people, or attending church to learn more about Him. Selfishly, I resented the idea of submitting to a man one day as a godly wife. My goal was to be an independent career woman who’d never let some man “boss her around.” I thought I’d put any kids I had in daycare while I worked my dream job. The world totally distorted my idea of a happy and satisfying life.

But then, on February 19, 2009, all of that began to change. I asked God to save my soul and trusted Him to do it because of what Jesus did for me on the cross. All of a sudden, those precious words had real meaning for me. God wrote those words to help me, His child (thank you, Lord), know more about Him.

If He loved me enough to die for me, surely, He loves me enough to teach me how to live.

Because of the Holy Bible, I can learn the knowledge and wisdom to recognize and truly appreciate the multitude of blessings God gives. I now have total satisfaction in the role He designed me to fulfill, one I believed I never wanted. I have peace because I know exactly what I am supposed to do and the best way to live. When I forget, I have a manual to remind me.

God’s way is, without question, the best way. How good and gracious He is to spell it out for us.

So, boys, don’t neglect your Bible. Treasure it. Read it. Cherish it with thankfulness. It is God’s perfect word. He wrote it down because He loves you.

With Love,