Master Bedroom Makeover

I am so excited to share my inexpensive and easy Master Bedroom Makeover with you all!

While Manny and Christian were busy traveling the world, Isaac and I decided to shed a little love on my space, which was desperately needed. Just wait until you see the before pictures and you’ll understand.

If you are just itching to spruce up a space in your home, but you’re on a really tight budget and time is of the essence- you’re in the right place.

This whole project cost me just under $90, and the bulk of that was spent replacing my comforter set. In all honesty- this project could be done for waaaayyy cheaper.

Okay. Ready for the before pictures? They’re not pretty… but I did clean, so… there’s that. 😉

before pictures

As you can see, our room was a little… shall we say… boring. Functional, sure. But it desperately needed some color. And I really do not have the time to paint. (Plus, I’m not allowed… but that’s another story 😉 )

The process:

So, I went to a few different stores to try and find some cheap, but cute decorations. The bedspread is actually from Walmart, and cost just about $45.00.

As you can see, that alone made a huge difference.

The sign above my bed was so easy and inexpensive. I love how the faux wood look sets off the color. The total price for this project was about $12. The decals linked below would make it cost less than $5.

wall art

Here’s a quick breakdown of how I did that:

  • I purchased a tri-fold display board from my local dollar store.
  • I spray painted it with a matte brown spray paint. A generic brand that cost about $2.
  • I used some white craft paint and a $.50 paint brush (a bigger one, for painting large surfaces.)
  • I closely followed the instructions from this youtube video. But I didn’t add the lines at the end and I decided to change the paint colors a bit.
  • I stuck on some wall decals like these that I found at Wal-Mart. I’ve seen similar ones at the dollar store, too, though.
  • After putting some hanging things on the back (super technical term there), I hung it up using a thumb tack (hubby wasn’t home to help- so thumb tack and string it was).

The color pops and details:

I wanted to add quite a bit more color to the room. I love the way navy and coral look together, so I tried to incorporate as much of those colors as possible. I also have this amazing yellow patio chair that I had to work in somehow. Hence the yellow pops throughout.

The reading nook is probably my favorite feature in this room.

reading nook

Merissa over at designed the gorgeous custom printables for me. And together we painted some dollar store 8×10 frames to match the color scheme.


I already had the large frame that you see on the dresser. I simply painted the frame and the boarder the colors of the theme, printed out the “I love you because” in cute fonts and colors, and glued/taped it all in there. Now I can leave sweet and sappy notes to my handsomest one.


The flowers and vases all came from the dollar store or thrift stores. The cute “Love you more” wall art was about $5 at Kohls and I added some candles from the dollar store to romance it up. I already had the frame, the books, and the shelf- but any one of these items could be purchased at a thrift store for a good price.


I followed this idea to create some more color pops for the walls (and while I’m not very impressed with my own artwork- I do really like the colors and the original idea). This little project cost just under $5 for the canvases and craft paint.

color pops

All in all, this whole project took one late night and about $90. Manny was surprised to see our room all girlied up when he got home, but he says he likes it.

I’d love to see your fun and frugal decorating projects!

Happy homekeeping!