Activity {1} in the “Reading Activities for Boys” Series

Sight Word Show Down

Hey there homeschoolers, teachers and mamas,

Christian and I had so much fun playing this quick and easy game to review his sight words today. Actually, it was kind-of his idea, and I borrowed it, because it’s a good idea. Christian likes to share.

Yesterday, he brought me one of these cupcake liners with my name written in it, (so cute), and I was like…hey bud- this is a great idea! So, creds to the biggest little man.

To be honest, I think any kid would enjoy a little game of Sight Word Showdown. Actually… I might have enjoyed this one just as much (ahem…more than) the kids.

It’s so simple to set up. Grab some extra cupcake liners, (the more fun the colors the better), a marker, some pom poms or cotton balls (or even balled up paper would work). Write the sight words you’re working on in the cup, grab some pom poms, call out a word, and toss.


The first one to get their pom pom in the correct cup cake liner wins that word. Isaac isn’t quite old enough to play with Christian, so I was his partner, which was okay with me.


So that’s it! I definitely need to include some more quick, fun games into our reading routine. He doesn’t mind sitting and working out our Hooked on Phonics workbooks (which I pretty much love), but, he definitely learns better when all hands are on deck- or throwing things. Can’t beat that. sightwordshowdown2

Happy tossing!